PUT: Update Schema Status

Update the status of a a version of an entity. For example, to disable an old version of an entity.


Three path params to represent entity name, version, and new status. Optional change comment can be provided as a query param.

PUT /metadata/{entityName}/{version}/{status}?comment={Change comment}

Values for {status} are defined in the schema JSON-schema, see #definitions/status/properties/value/enum.

Response: Success

The metadata JSON document for the given entity name and version.

Response: Errors

Additional error codes:

  • metadata:NoEntityName - no entity name specified
  • metadata:NoEntityVersion - no entity version specified
  • rest-metadata:NoNameMatch - entity name on the path does not match entity name in the json document
  • rest-metadata:NoVersionMatch - version on the path does not match the version in the json document
  • metadata:MissingSchema - schema does not exist for given entity name + version and therefore cannot be updated

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