simple field

There are three types of type values:

  • simple
    • bigdecimal, biginteger, boolean, binary, date, double, integer, string
  • container
    • array, object
  • reference
    • reference
  • free-form
    • any

This section is focusing on the simple types.

bigdecimal & biginteger

If a field is defined as biginteger or bigdecimal in metadata it is stored as a string on the back end. Therefore operators < and > are not allowed during search.


Values can be true or false.


An open-ended data type for storing binary data, it is recommended that each use of this field clearly indicates what encoding is used. For example, in java use DatatypeConverter.printBase64Binary(byte[]). Note there are limits on document sizes, see MongoDB Limits and Thresholds documentation.


JSON does not have a standard format for date. In lightblue we are using the following format: YYYYMMDDTHHmmssSSSS+-ZZZZ

For example, to represent noon on Janurary 1, 2016 EST: 20160101T1200000000-0500


Floating point number. If precision is important use bigdecimal.


A 64 bit integer.


Any field with text. Limits on size can be imposed using constraints: minLength, maxLength


Exists but is deprecated. Do not use! Instead use type of string and a value generator. The following example is a 1:1 replacement for the old uid type where it also implied identity constraint.

"fieldName": {
    "type": "string",
    "constraints": {
        "identity": true
    "valueGenerator": {
        "type": "UUID"

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