Each index is an array of fields to index.

"indexes": [
        "fields": [
                "field": "fieldName",
                "caseInsensitive": false
        "name": "indexName",
        "unique": true,
        "partialFilterExpression": {"field": {"$gt": 5}}
  • fields: Array with field definitions that are part of the index. [required]
    • field: the path for the field in the index, do not include wildcard for arrays [required]
    • dir: direction of the index, $asc or $desc [required]
    • caseInsensitive: Optional flag to indicate if index is case insensitive. Defaults to false. [optional]
      • There are pros and cons to consider when using this flag. Please read the user docs before using them.
  • name: Name of the index. Default set based on controller implementation. [optional]
  • unique: Flag to indicate if index is a unique constraint. Defaults to false. [optional]
  • partialFilterExpression: Mongo query used to define partial index. This is specific to Mongo. [optional]

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