Defines the model for the entity. Structure is based on json schema v4-draft.

There are three types of field definitions:

  • simple: basic data types such as string and date.
  • container: object or array structures
  • reference: references to other entities

All field definitions in the fields structure share common attributes:

fields: {
    "fieldName": {
        "access": { ... },
        "constraints": { ... },
        "description": "Field description.",
        "type": "fieldType"
  • fieldName: The name of the field as the property name in the JSON document. [required]
  • access: Roles required for accessing a field. [optional]
  • constraints: Constraints on the field. [optional]
  • description: Description of the field. [optional]
  • type: the type of field. One of: [required]
    • boolean, integer (64-bit), string, double, biginteger, bigdecimal, date, binary
    • array, array
    • reference



  • enum
  • complex identity
  • rray identty
  • object
  • array
  • array with object
  • array with object with array with object (

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