Execution options are open-ended for each request, accepting any valid key/value pairs.. This section describes the supported keys for core and each individual controller implementation. Unsupported keys are ignored.


None at this time.

Mongo Controller

Options that are specific to the Mongo Controller.

  • writeConcern - The write concern used when executing an insert, save, update, or delete. Must be a valid WriteConcern value as resolved by the Mongo java driver's WriteConcern.valueOf(String) method.
  • readPreference - The read preference used when executing a find. Must be a valid ReadPreference value as resolved by the Mongo java driver's ReadPreference.valueOf(String) method.
  • maxQueryTimeMS - The time in milliseconds a find operation can execute on the mongo server. Translated to a maxTimeMS option on find requests (via DBCursor#maxTime(long,TimeUnit)).

LDAP Controller

None at this time.

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